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The primary purpose of the Nurse Educator position is to ensure the competencies of all facility associates through orientation, on-going education and training and assessment, and to monitor and evaluate the outcome of resident care and services provided by those associates.
Assess the developmental/educational needs of all facility associates:
by observing staff performing work and making compliance rounds,
through recommendations received by staff,
by analyzing staff annual competency evaluations.
as determined by state survey results,
based on clinical outcomes, and
through interpretation of quality indicators.
Assess the developmental/educational needs of non-clinical staff.
Consult with the Administrator and Director of Nursing (DON) in formulating the goals and objectives of the orientation and on-going in-service educational programs at the facility.
Assist the Administrator and DON in formulating an effective recruitment, hiring and orientation process designed to improve overall associate retention.
Coordinate the scheduling for the delivery of educational programs with the DON, Administrator and other department supervisors.
Schedule and coordinate orientation for all new associates and agency staff.
Schedule and coordinate ongoing assessment of clinical competencies for nursing service staff.
Provide on-going assessment of resident clinical outcomes and identify where additional education and/or training is required to improve outcomes.
Continually monitor resident care and services to ensure that the highest level of care and service delivery is provided, and intervene, as required, to improve care and service delivery.
Working collaboratively with the facility's Quality Improvement Consultant, Director of education, and other members of the Clinical Services' Team, coordinate the resolution of care and service delivery issues in order to attain desired standards.
Identify areas of greatest risk for the facility and, working collaboratively with the Risk Management Coordinator, implement corrective action to reduce and minimize such risk.
Develop, coordinate and evaluate the Preceptor Program within the facility.
Interview, evaluate and select associates identified to be candidates for the facility's Preceptor Program.
Coordinate the Employee Health Program; ensure that all personnel participate in the facility's employment H and P, TB testing and Hepatitis B programs.
Coordinate the Infection Control Program, including the monitoring of communicable and/or infectious diseases among residents and associates and the collection and analysis of data related to facility-acquired infections.
Report occupational exposures to blood, body fluids, infectious materials, and hazardous chemicals in accordance with the facility's policies and procedures.
Training/Education Functions
Orient all new associates and agency staff to the facility by delivering or coordinating the delivery of all required orientation topics.
Deliver and/or coordinate the delivery of on-going education programs to all associates
Conduct one-on-one competency assessments of clinical associates.
Evaluate the competencies of candidates for the Preceptor Program as well as on-going assessment of the abilities of candidates selected as Preceptors.
Provide impromptu small group and one-on-one training for associates as needed.
Maintain records of all orientation and ongoing in-service programs for the facility and for all associates.
Review various commercially developed instructional materials and incorporate into existing programs.
Identify educational resources i.e., vendors, State Associations, consultants that will enhance the facility's educational programs.
Educate and monitor practices to ensure that all associates follow established infection control procedures.
Equipment and Supply Functions
Prepare instructional materials, handouts, overheads, training aids, and equipment to ensure that an effective, meaningful, educational program is delivered.
Recommend to the DON and Administrator equipment and supply needs for the facility, to ensure that an effective and efficient orientation and on-going educational programs are provided.
Resident Rights Responsibilities
Maintain confidentiality of all pertinent resident care information to assure resident rights are protected. Release information in accordance with federal and state guidelines and established corporate and facility policies.
Knock before entering a resident's room.
Assure that resident rights to fair and equitable treatment, self-determination, individuality, privacy, property and civil rights, including the right to wage complaints, are followed.
Assure that all new associates receive a copy of the facility's Resident Rights policy.
Working Conditions
Works in office areas as well as throughout the facility.
Moves intermittently during work hours.
Is subject to frequent interruptions.
Is involved with residents, personnel, visitors, government agencies/personnel, under all conditions and circumstances.
Is subject to hostile and emotionally upset residents, family members, associates and visitors.
Communicates with the medical staff, facility associates, and department supervisors.
Works beyond normal working hours as well as on weekends, evening and night shifts, as required to evaluate care and service delivery and to meet the educational needs of associates.
Is subject to callback during emergency conditions.
Attends and participates in continuing educational programs.
Is subject to exposure to infectious waste, diseases, conditions, etc. including TB and the AIDS and Hepatitis B viruses.
Is subject to injury from falls, burns from equipment, odors, etc., throughout the workday, as well as to reactions from dust, plastics, synthetics, disinfectants and other potential contaminants.
May be subject to the handling of and exposure to hazardous chemicals.
Must possess a Nursing Degree from an accredited college or university, or be a graduate of an approved RN diploma program.
At least two (2) years experience in long term care as an RN, preferably as a nurse manager or in a supervisory capacity.
Has experience with organizational change efforts ? has worked in an organization and understands organizational change dynamics.
Has some familiarity with the concepts of experiential learning.
Has conducted in-service or other educational programs that required group facilitation.
Must be competent with standup training skills and public presentations.
Has experience with, and understanding of, adult education methodology.
Has experience with the evaluation of clinical outcomes/care and service delivery and the methodologies to affect positive change.
Must be competent with an electronic charting system.
Specific Requirements
Must possess skills in leadership and effective communication.
Must be able to impart knowledge using discretion and judgment.
Must possess creativity, integrity and self-initiative.
Must be able to facilitate learning in addition to imparting knowledge.
Must use good vocabulary and voice inflection.
Must have credibility with the material we teach and with participants.
Must have energy in their style of delivery and interactions with others.
Must have enthusiasm for the material, for the job they're doing and for life in general.
Must have the ability to plan and develop new programs, teaching methods and approaches to problem resolution, as needed.
Must demonstrate competence in required clinical skills (e.g. IV administration, insertion n of indwelling catheters, basic dressing changes, etc.)
Must be able to read, write, speak and understand the English language.
Must possess critical thinking skills and the ability to make independent decisions.
Must possess the ability to perform objective audits of clinical and operational outcomes and coordinate action plans to resolve negative outcomes as well as to reduce risk.
Must possess the ability to deal effectively and positively with conflict.
Must possess the willingness to work harmoniously with different groups of people.
Must be organized and prepared in the way you work.
Must respond appropriately to questions presented by individuals and from groups.
Must demonstrate empathy for people undergoing change and who are being asked to do things differently.
Must be willing to seek out new methods and principles for people development and be willing to incorporate them into daily practice.
Must demonstrate respect for and confidentiality of personal information concerning residents and associates. - Free Classified Ads in US on Craigslist